Tuesday, September 15, 2015

(ROBERTS) Jack's Sprained Wrist

November 25, 1963 was the funeral of President John F. Kennedy.  In a letter to her mother and sister, Dolores Roberts called it “a very solemn day.” She mentions being “stunned by the news of Kennedy’s death.” “It certainly was a loss to us. He was a brilliant man.”  

Although the beginning of her letter touches on Kennedy’s funeral and death—matters of national significance—the remainder covers matters closer to home. She discusses Thanksgiving plans, doing laundry, and giving rides to a friend.

She also tells a story about her 12-year-old son Jack.

“Jackie and Jay went ice skating Fri. night. Jackie fell and hurt his wrist (naturally, it was his week to wash dishes – so Jay did them for him Sat. and Donna did them yesterday.) I notice it is better today – now that it’s Donna’s week to wash dishes. Ha! His wrist is a little swollen, but not bad. – I guess just a slight sprain.”

Convenient time to be healed! I guess 12-year-olds have always been the same. :)

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