Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(SMITH) William Holt of Colonial Williamsburg

***NOTE: I have NOT verified this line. Descent from William Holt is based on information others have posted on***

One of my husband's 6th great grandfathers is William Holt, from Virginia, who lived from 1737-1791. (I wrote about one of William's runaway slaves previously, here.)

The most interesting thing about William Holt is that he is one of the characters portrayed at Colonial Williamsburg. So if you're ever in Virginia, stop in and say hi!

William was a local merchant. He owned a store and a mill. He also imported slaves to sell, and posted newspaper ads in the Virginia Gazette to assist others searching for their runaway slaves.

Another notable thing about William is that he fathered triplets! All three babies were born healthy, which seems impressive for the 1700s.

The Colonial Williamsburg website has a page dedicated to William, which you can view here.

Line of descent:

William Holt 1730-1791
William Holt 1765-1820
John Holt 1792-1872
Jesse Payton Holt 1833-1922
Maria Druzilla Holt 1861-1946
Lucia Naomi Scoville 1889-1958

Alice Zemp 1925-2000

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