Wednesday, March 5, 2014

(LUKE) Thoughts on a new baby

In October 1923, Jennie Constance Adamson married Rudolph Edwin Lang. A few months later, her brother, George, departed for a two-year LDS mission to England. George and Jennie exchanged letters while he was gone. Perhaps the most interesting letter George wrote, penned in September 1924, was in response to a letter informing him that he was now an uncle.

"So I am an uncle eh! Well I could be worse things. Congratulations and my love to both of you and the baby. From what I can gather from your letter and mother's, it certainly must be a very fine, wonderful and pretty baby. If it looks anything at all like its uncle George it certainly is a good looking child. ... I'll bet you that it isn't one-half as fine as I will have when I get married? Of course it must be a fine baby, but then a man with a wonderful Physical body such as mine is bound to have better children than a man with a constitution such as Rudolph's. Now my wife will be better looking than Jen. ...
"All foolishness aside I think that it must be a very fine baby and I only wish that I could be there to see it. If you are ever in doubt as to how to fetch it up why just ask me and I will tell you. The care of babies is just my line."

Although it is doubtful that Jennie asked her 20-year-old bachelor brother for parenting advice, she must have enjoyed his letter, which was written in his usual humorous tone. And she certainly enjoyed her new baby: Zenda Constance Lang.

Zenda Lang, 1924

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